Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Social Media is widely used in today’s day and age which is why Facebook and Instagram Advertising are the top channels to advertise currently, right beside Google and YouTube Advertising.
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Professional Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram Advertising are the top social media channels to advertising your business on currently.

Majority of businesses do great on Facebook and Instagram & Google and YouTube as well. Some business industries are better for one, two or all. Find out which channels are best for marketing your business. Get a FREE Consultation Now!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a newer channel to advertise on compared to Google. Social Media and specifically Facebook is one the of most popular Social Media Channels for Personal and Business. Facebook advertising targets people that have showed an interest in specific industries, groups, page, or even if they changed their relationship status. You can advertise to these specific people. You can also re-target past visitors that went to your website right in their Facebook feed.

For example if a couple just got engaged (since the couple adjusted their relationship status to engaged), an event planning or business in the wedding niche would be great to target couples that have just got engaged, this is possible with Facebook.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is similar to Facebook considering that Facebook purchased Instagram and now owns the platform. It is also a social media channel just like Facebook. It is great for advertising products or even services. Instagram has over 1 billion active users as of June 2018. You can advertise to people that have already visited your website in the past and re-target your past visitors that did not purchase something on your website.

Instagram has a much more younger audience versus Facebook. They both work hand and hand but there might be instances that Instagram can provide better conversions compared to Facebook and vise versa.

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