Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging and social networking sites. Since there is low competition, Twitter can be effectively used to generate good returns on your investments compared to giants like Google and Facebook. Hundreds of millions of users are using Twitter on various devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. This powerful social networking tool can effectively help in popularizing your business. Here are 7 tips and reasons why you should advertise your business on Twitter.

Find Potential Traffic

The most significant reason for using Twitter for your website is that most of your potential visitors are already using it. Since millions are using Twitter, exposing your site on Twitter can attract huge traffic. If you are not using it, you are losing out on your potential customers.

Research on Target Audience

The success of any business on the internet depends on finding where your target audience is. Twitter is an effective market research tool that lets you find your target audience. Once you know which audience and locations you should target, you will be able to advertise accordingly. Only people who are interested in your business will follow you on Twitter.

Friendly Environment

Tweets are small messages of up to 140 characters which can also include images, links and attachments. It is pretty to send messages on Twitter and marketing on it is like a casual chat in which you can use familiar language. The target audience will feel more comfortable to interact on your business to know more about it.

Drive Traffic

It is a widely approved fact that the websites of people who use Twitter for advertising their business have observed tremendous increase in traffic. So, when you share something very important or interesting on Twitter about your business and include a link to your site, you will also notice how advertising on Twitter effectively drives traffic to your site.

Target only Interested People

Advertising on Twitter gives you the power to understand what sort of ads you should show to your target audience. The tweets that you send will only reach to those Twitter users who are interested in the products and services of your business. Since you are targeting only interested people, Twitter becomes an effective tool that lets you interact with people who are interested in doing business with you.

Get Feedback

When you advertise on any platform, it is certain that your advertising will get certain sort of feedback. Same goes with Twitter. When you promote your business on Twitter, your target audience can voice their opinion. It allows you to understand your customers’ requirements and maintain a healthy relationship with them. It is a very good tool to build up brand loyalty.

Announce Special Offers

Through Twitter, you can announce about the forthcoming events related to your business, promotional offers, discounts and freebies. Customers are always looking for the best discounts and if you are tweeting about the most attractive deals to your customers who follow you, they will retweet the offers so that their friends too can come to know about it. This will eventually help in getting more traffic to your site.