Why Social Media Is So Important

Social media has a big influence on the friendliness of websites to search engines but many business owners may not understand the role social media networks play in search engine optimization. In the past, ranking in search engines was relatively easy as it required creating content with rich keywords and robot pleasing tests, but things have changed now. Even with good content and well-distributed targeted keywords, it is not enough. With the introduction of Penguin algorithm, the antiquated SEO gimmicks used by many websites owners where outlawed. This was an effort to ensure that internet users get most relevant queries when they search the Internet. There are different ways in which social media can add some juice to your SEO campaigns and they include:

Connecting with New and Existing Customers

For the success of any business, it is very important to attract new customers. By the way, it can be quite difficult to find out where might be the best place to look for potential customers. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are frequently accessed everyday by billions of users. Such sites can serve as a good platform to look for prospective customers. When you are in search of new customers, you should continue to maintain a good relationship with your existing customers. Again, social media sites can be a good place to get connected with customers you have already carried out business with before. Hence, social media sites are good place to find potential customers and maintain a consistent relationship with the existing ones.

Increased link building

In search engine optimization, links are like votes for a website. If you have more votes, you are likely to convince the search engines that users really like the content you offer. People are interacting through social media, and it is difficult to persuade readers to like or share your content if they do not find it useful. Social media channels provide genuine votes for your site, which increases the ranking by search engines.

Social media helps enhance your online presence

In social media sites, there’s real time interaction where you can engage the readers and lure them to your website. Interaction is key to succeed in social media for your SEO objective. Social media is where everyone is, and it is the fastest way to enhance your online presence.

Social media helps in link building crowd sourcing

When you have followers in your social media pages, you can have the content of your blog or your website shared among your fans. This happens as long as you are offering what readers want to read. By adding social buttons on your site or blog, you are able to link build your content and crowd source from the social media fans.

Social signals are link-building metrics

Search engines like Google are measuring the way readers or Internet users are behaving when navigating through your website. Some of the things, which will help your website rank better from social signals, are the number of people visiting your website from social media channels. The number of fans and followers you have and the social media sharing buttons that are available in your website. This will count towards convincing search engines that your site is worthy for a better ranking.