Are you thinking about creating a perfect landing page? A landing page is a web page that appears to the visitors when they click on an advertisement or a link from the search results page. We can say that there are two kinds of landing page. If a user lands on page of a website through search engine, that web page can be called a landing page. On such pages, user can find relevant information such as articles or images related to what he is searching on the search engine. This type of landing pages is called reference pages.

Make Sure Your Landing Page Answer Some Important Questions

The second kind of landing page is an exclusive web page on which visitors reach when they click on an advertisement (PPC ad). This type of landing page is called transactional pages. The landing page created for PPC ads are mainly meant for closing the deal. When a visitor reaches such a page, he will be encouraged by the ad to enter his information on the online form and perform a transaction.

Both kinds of landing pages are created to convert a visitor into a prospective client. If you are planning to create a landing page for your products and services, you should ask several questions to yourself to make sure you make a perfect landing page. Here are some questions to ask:

Why am I building the landing page?

You should be clear about the goal behind creating the landing page. You may want your visitors to reach your landing page for several reasons such as to make your visitors purchase your products or services, download some content, sign up for email subscription, filling an online form or simply to gain information.

Is my offer easy to understand?

When a reader reaches a landing page, he should be able to understand your offer easily. If it confuses him or has to spend quite some time to understand what you are offering, he may get annoyed and move to your rival. Every element of your landing page including the offer, advantages, features and terms and conditions should be easy to understand.

What do my prospective clients need to know to avail my offer?

Is there anything important information that is required to sign up for the deal? Is the offer only exclusively available to certain type of audience? Is there any kind of incentive waiting for them if they accept the offer now? The more you know and understand your target audience, the easier it will be for you to furnish them with accurate information.

Will the website design gel well with the landing page copy?

You should spend good time to make sure you develop an attractive landing page. It should be able to grab the attention of the visitors to read the features and advantages of signing the deal. Hence, presentation of the landing page is quite important.

Have I taken care of important elements of the landing page?

Call-to-actions, benefits of the offer and the online form should be easily viewable and easy to understand. Visitors should not be made to fill lengthy online form. Also, if the landing page encourages users to perform checkout, make sure you offer the best security to protect their confidential details.