Whats Good and Bad about new gTLD Domains

As new gTLD Domain Names roll out there is a lot of talk about gTLDs. gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level Domain which is regulated by Internet Assigned Number Authority. It comprises of domains like .com, .info, .net and .org, other domains like .biz, .name and .pro are also termed as generic but are not of better quality compared to .com, .org and .net domains. Following years of study and the introduction of the new gTLDs domain name extensions, there is much skepticism as to whether they will change the way businesses are carried out online.

gTLDs may change everything

This is an historic change in the internet domain name systems, and like any new product in the market, there are challenges. On the other hand, if the domain extensions receive wide acceptance, they may change things. ICANN approved the gTLDs domain name extensions, which allow companies and organizations to be able to create generic strings on their domain such as .shop, .hotel, .eco, and so on. Besides, companies will be able to turn a profit by offering their domain extensions.

The good thing about gTLDs domain name extensions

• One good thing about these domain extensions is that they will change the way internet users find information on the internet. The idea of the domains is to organize the internet. Today, businesses find it challenging to get a domain name, which suits or rhymes with their brand. Because most of the domains have already been taken up, it is costly to find a domain name that can match your company name, brand, or product. These domains will help put in categories that enable internet users find the information they want easily.
• Besides, the gTLDs domains will change the way businesses and organizations plan and structure their online presence. With these domains, businesses will be able to have internet address names, which end with almost any word and in any language. This will allow organizations to market their brands and products because they can be found easily.
• It will help businesses brand their products on the internet because companies like Canon can have domains ending with their brand-name. There are also geo-domains, which will help show where businesses operates. All these aspects make it easier for brands to be found by users.
• The gTLDs will help small companies be able to claim their own top-level domain, something they have not been able to do due to the flooded .com or .net domain market. Considering the large number of .com or .net domains, it is believed that there are no better domain names left. New businesses are finding it very hard to get a suitable domain and if any, they are already in the hands of domain investors or brokers, and they are selling them at high cost.

The bad about the gTLDs domain names

• While the gTLD domains system offers exiting opportunities, it may carry some risks. The registry operating costs may be quite high for some businesses. Businesses also have to comply with the registry agreement set with ICANN.
• It will be more cost effective to just go ahead and purchase that one or two word .com domain name, plus aged .com domains will bring in more traffic and exposure at this present time.
• Many gTLDs will fail as lengthy extensions can be hard to remember.