Are you struggling to get leads through your social media marketing efforts? The whole idea behind social media marketing is to divert traffic to your site from where visitors can avail your products and services. Many website owners are effectively making use of popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for marketing their content.

7 Essentials to Get Leads through Social Media

To succeed in social media marketing, you should make sure that you do not find yourself just blatantly promoting your business. Without being evident, your social media efforts can bring new clients to your site. Here are 7 essential tips for getting leads through social media:


Link Your Blog to Social Media Accounts

When you link your blog to popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can effectively attract new leads. When someone Likes or posts a comment or tweet, it will show right below the post you publish. Your blog posts will be instantly shared and will receive several likes. All you need to do is publish your post to social sites and the comments, likes and tweets will automatically show up on your site. You can use HubSpot’s marketing tool for it.


Respond to the Comments Left by Readers

When you receive comments, make sure you respond to them. You may not be able to reply to all but you should at least respond to comments posted by new readers. Don’t just say thanks to them but read their comments carefully and then respond to them. The idea is to build relationship with your readers by responding to them and offering them some solution to their issues. You can add a link to your site but make sure you do not add links every time you respond.


Don’t Talk only About Yourself

Since social networking sites are mainly meant for sharing posts, you should not always aim to share posts that are only related to your business. When you write something about other companies in your niche, even they will do the same for you in return.


Monitor Conversations

Use the major keywords of your business and search for it on Twitter and Facebook and see what people are talking about it. If you find someone looking to purchase something that is related to your business, you can suggest your products and services to them.


Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags can help in driving good traffic to your site through Twitter. You can integrate desired keywords through hashtags. When someone is searching for a specific hashtag, he can come across your tweets which contain that hashtag. This way you can increase the reach of your content through hashtags. Good thing about it is that apart from your followers, even others who looking for that hashtag can see your tweets.


Give Away Offers

An easy to get leads through social networking is to share some exciting offers. Make sure you don’t share the same offer again and again. If you do this, followers can report you for spreading spam messages. Ideally, you can also include attractive images to your offer to grab attention.


Add Social Links

You can add social links to your blog posts and email messages. When someone views your posts, they can use the social links to share your posts on their social page. Such visitors are likely to visit your site again and again.