A domain name is an identifier for your business website. If your domain is not easy to remember, you must know why your domain name needs an upgrade. Businesses, organizations, and individuals who plan to have online presence need to invest wisely in their domain names. Registering a domain helps protect trademarks and copyrights. It also builds credibility and increases your brand name awareness, needless to mention search engine positioning as well. Owning a dictionary keyword .com domain name will put you on top of your competition. Having a non-dictionary .com domain name will cost many marketing dollars to be on top, unless you purchase a branded domain name with a website that did business in the past.

The kind of domain you own will have a direct impact on the image and reputation of your business. Upgrading your domain to a .com version or a domain that is aged, relevant and easy to remember will give you a competitive edge on the Internet in terms of online presence. Having the right domain will make it quite easy for people to remember your company’s website or blog. There are many reasons why businesses would want to upgrade their domain name including better SEO potential as well.

Increased authority and trust

The URL of your website is the first thing Internet users look at when they search for information or products online. If you have your industry’s best version of the domain name, it brings out trust and authority in your business brand. A good domain can give better results in advertising costs and returns on investments. Making use of the right domain name will make your site visitors feel that they are visiting a well-established website.

Easy to remember Domain Names

When you acquire a domain name, which is easy to remember, it allows users to find you easily. However, if your domain is long and hard to remember, it is not easy for users to find you, except if you are lucky to rank on the first pages of the keywords in your industry. It is essential for businesses to secure the best available domains before they spend their money on traditional advertising. This will protect them from losing a substantial amount of money over time for advertising. Hence, one needs to spend a good amount of time deciding on the right domain name for their business.

Minimizes potential competition

If your business is not a big brand and not well known and not able to spend millions of dollars promoting the brand, then the last thing you would want to do is allow your competitor to buy the most suitable generic keyword domain of your industry. Having a good domain name can help your business be found easily now and in the future. A generic .com keyword domain name of your business industry will kill your competition. If you cannot afford a generic keyword domain, then make sure your brand name is as close as possible to the terms of your business and makes sense.

Increases click through rates

Having a good version of a domain name creates confidence with users. This helps increase the click through rate. The increased authority you get from the domain name makes consumers trust you. A shorter but relevant domain will pull Internet users to your site, which will make them spend more time on your site also reducing your bounce rate as well as increasing your click through rate.