There are different domain name types. The difference between Branded, Geographical (GEO) and Generic keyword domains are very particular. They all and have contrasting benefits in various ways.

First, lets talk about branded domains. A branded domain is usually a domain name that does not contain dictionary words. For instance the domain name “Google.com” is considered a branded domain, it does not contain a generic keyword or a location (city, country or state). Perfect for a company that wants to start something new trend to get their point across.

Second, there are Geographical (GEO) domain names which are domain names that contain a location, for example “TampaLawyer.com”. This type of domain name will be perfect for a Lawyer in the Tampa, FL area. It will target clients significantly in that area and provide substantial credibility for that local business. GEO domains can also be state wide as well.

Third, we have Premium generic keyword domain names. A generic keyword domain is a domain name that consist of dictionary words that everyone knows. These domains target a certain category. For example; “Lawyers.com” is a generic keyword domain. The term “Lawyers” is in the dictionary, this specifically targets an industry/niche. This can be a perfect domain name for a website that advertise lawyers. These domains provide extremely high online credibility and website traffic.

There are also acronym, numerical, and IDN domains but that will be discussed in another post.