What you should do after Publishing your Content

Bloggers who are serious about achieving success know it very well that it is very important to publish unique and fresh articles regularly. However, if you spend much time on publishing quality post but do not popularize it well, your efforts will fall flat. If you are not doing anything after publishing your post, nobody will be noticing your killer content. Your content won’t be read by your target audience.

The reason why you add fresh posts to your site is to attract readers, make them comment on your posts, draw advertisers, get backlinks from popular sites in your niche, and to generate revenue. These can only come true if you put efforts in giving maximum exposure to your posts after publishing them. Here are 7 tips on what you should after publishing content on your site:

Submit on Search Engines

The very first thing you need to do after writing a post is to submit your post to popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. Search engines automatically scan for new changes in the site through crawlers from time to time. However, instead of waiting for your new content to get crawled by search engine, without wasting time you can get your post submitted manually. To do this, you can simply submit your sitemap again or ping your site with a pinging tool.


Interlinking is a very good way to make your visitors spend much time on your site. All you need to do is interlink your old posts with newly added posts. So when a visitors reads your new article, he will also checkout the other related articles. This will also help in reducing the bounce rate.

Promote on Social Sites

Promoting your posts on social media will help in driving huge traffic to your site. You can share the link of your new posts on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. If the new post contains a video, you can share it on YouTube. Infograhphics can be shared on Pinterest.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites also play an integral role in driving huge traffic. Some of the popular bookmarking sites include StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Reddit. Share your articles on social bookmarking and if it gets noticed, readers will re-share it and this will in turn give good exposure to your articles and it will eventually help in raising your site’s ranking.

Comment on other blogs

You can search for popular blogs in your niche and place positive comments on their articles. Occasionally you can also share the link of your new posts in your comments. This will help in building good relationship with popular bloggers in your niche. Make sure that you do not go to other websites and spam them by placing your links. You need to build relationship and then you can share your content on their site.

Share through Email

After publishing a post, you can send an email including the link to your new post to your email list. Again, do not spam their inbox by frequently sending the same email repeatedly. Other than sending links on the new posts, you can also share other interesting posts from your site. You can also include the link of your new post in your email signature.

Submit on Article Directory

There are many high PR article directory sites like EzineArticles,  HubPages, Helium, Squidoo and many more that can help in exposing your new posts to wider audience. When you submit an article on such sites, you are also allowed to add a link to your site. Your site can receive good traffic from these sites.