It goes without saying that when you are building content for your site, you should focus on creating high quality content. That is the reason why people pay a lot of attention towards targeting the most relevant keywords and creating unique and interesting content. Engaging content will make your visitors spend more time on your site and they will visit your site often. However, it is only when you market the content of your site on search engines, your content will receive better exposure.

5 Challenges While Content Marketing

Content marketing is not easy and like any other form of marketing. You should dedicate your time towards it to reap good results. Here are 5 challenges that can come in your way while marketing your content:

Quality Content

It is not easy to determine how many posts you should publish on your blog. Instead of churning out large number of low quality articles, it would be worthwhile to produce high quality content. For this, you will have to spend much time searching popular sources on the net.

If you are running short of ideas, you can re-use the previously published content. You can also turn your old content into inforgraphics, videos or slideshows.  Another thing you can do is to create evergreen content such as how-to’s, tutorials, etc.

Less Money

If there is less money on your side, it can directly impact your content marketing goals. You can divert money that you are using for another purpose for your site. If you are spending some money on ads that are not yielding good results on investment, you can consider freeing up some money for content marketing.

Content Not Getting Shared

If the content on your site does not interest anyone, nobody will feel the urge to share it with others. If you want your content to be Liked on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter or if you want more people to comment on your posts, you should create interesting posts. Posts that spark thought, educate, provide solution to problems, entertain and do not promote any service or product are something that will make your audience to comment and share it with others. Hence, you should put your efforts in creating content that will entice users to share and popularize it on the web.

Not Measuring Your Efforts

If you do measure the effectiveness of your content marketing, you will know whether your efforts are working in your favor or not. There are plenty of ways to measure content marketing efforts such as web analytic tool like Google Analytics; and social media software like Hootsuite. You need to ensure that every single page is tracked to know whether your efforts are leading to fruitful results.

Not Working With Professionals

When you do not have content marketing specialists onboard, you will be relying on the marketing team of your company to do content marketing. Such people do not have the expertise to write commercially neutral content. Hence, you should consider hiring a content marketing agency that will include journalists and website designers who will create various kinds of articles, videos, and infographics.